Sep 2016

Sep 2016 Issue


Mr. Dip Dasgupta

Acquire the Knowledge Today for Tomorrow!

— Mr. Dip Dasgupta, Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board, CCJ & CHINACOAT Conference Organiser

A sense of urgency is driving a frenzy of global R&D activities on novel, smart and multifunctional materials. The selection of this years’s conference theme - Novel Cutting-edge Coatings Technology - is therefore very appropriate and timely. With increased demand for polymers and coatings that can sense their environment, a thorough understanding of the science and technology and the principles of innovative and cost-effective formulations are absolutely essential.  Click to Read the magazine

Biobased Coatings

Evaluation of Bio-based Additives in Architectural Paints

— M. Wenkin, Lame, M.H.Delvaux, A.Lourtie, A.Pirmez, Coatings Research Institute, Limelette, Belgium; A.Richel, G.Olive, Université de Liège - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Gembloux, Belgium

This study considers the incorporation of bio-based products in the formulations of architectural paints. The first part focuses on the use of sugar esters and of commercial alkylpolyglucosides and alkyl- polypentosides as dispersing agents. Compared to conventional petrochemical components, these sugar-based additives present several advantages such as being non-toxic, biodegradable, odourless and non-irritating. In this paper, their influence on the properties of coatings is evaluated and their performances are compared with those of reference petrochemical and bio-based additives. The second part is dedicated to the use of gluten as binder or co-binder in architectural paints. Click to Read the magazine

Functional Coatings

Control of Resistance Properties of Waterborne Coatings through Polymer Design

— Dirk Mestach, Andrew Teasdale, Marcel Meeuwisse, Nuplex Resins BV, The Netherlands

In the furniture industry, a major shift from solventborne polyurethanes to waterborne coating technologies is happening. Waterborne one-component coatings offer a large number of advantages, but one main concern has always been that getting the right balance between properties such as final hardness and hardness development and chemical resistance properties is difficult, especially in pigmented systems. This paper describes how polymer design and parameters such as polymer particle morphology can influence the resistance against various chemicals. Examples are given of pure acrylic dispersions, but also of hybrid binder technologies using specific co-binders or additional chemical functionality. Furthermore, work is presented on how to optimise the coating formulation in order to obtain optimal coating properties. Click to Read the magazine

Market Watch

South America — Challenging Continent for Coatings

— Francisco Rácz and Washington Yamaga, Rácz, Yamaga & Associates, Brazil

South America is a large continent, 7.2 thousand kilometres long and 4.4 thousand kilometres wide, hosting 13 different countries. In spite of short term challenging economy oscillations, the projections are indicating that the coatings market in South America will reach the volume of 3,600 MM litres in 2020 and growing to 4,800 MM litres in 2030. The difference amongst the various countries will continue challenging the industry and should continue in terms of response to different needs and habit changes throughout 2030 and beyond. Click to Read the magazine

Regular Columns

Product Literature

—  Sun Chemical launches COMPAL WS VOC-free aluminium preparations for coatings & inks

—  Ashland’s new Aroset PS 5335 pressure sensitive adhesive for Low Surface Energy (LSE) makes bonding easier

—  WACKER showcases UV-fluorescent pigment paste for liquid silicone rubber

—  Eckart’s TOPSTAR 06 3000 offset ink

—  Hempel develops sustainable antifouling coatings in project sponsored by EEA GrantsClick to Read the magazine

Product Literature

—  Lubrizol acquires Diamond Dispersions

—  PPG marks completion of a coatings centre of excellence in TianjinClick to Read the magazine

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